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The right match.

SSC frees your freelancer recruitment from bureaucratic processes.

That’s because our long industry experience means we understand what worries you. Even what annoys you. And what really wastes your time. We have the answers. We provide agility, inspiration and connections. That’s how we make your job easier. Our goal is to help you by filling urgent vacancies so you can drive your life sciences business forward successfully.

More questions. Better answers. The right connections.

We work in a very agile and progressive way because we want to set standards where others take the term “headhunting” all too literally. To find you the perfect freelancer, we start by taking a detailed look at your life sciences project. We ask a lot more questions than other firms so we can get a clear picture of your needs and talk to candidates in a more targeted way. Our project, time and fee management is transparent, enabling us to pilot and moderate the recruitment process in close coordination with you. That way, you get everything from a single source – from the briefing through to the contract signature – and save valuable internal resources as well as time and frayed nerves.

The path. Towards the future. Ticks all the boxes.

Making recruitment easier: that’s the core of everything we do. Now and in the future. SSC focuses on your project intensively in order to find you the right candidate for it. As we specialise in the life sciences industry, we’re thoroughly familiar with its requirements and practices. We never lose sight of recruitment and strengthen your organisation in that we boost the potential of your project team with freelancers’ expertise. You can count on our experience, built up over many years, and on our extensive freelancer network.

  • Requirements analysis

    You give us a description of the specific challenges of your project: tasks, requirements, goals, timeline and budget. We get an initial overview based on a structured dialogue on the phone or via video call.

  • Expert search

    Once the briefing has been created for the vacant position, we screen our freelancer network and identify the relevant experts. We contact the candidates whose qualifications match your requirements and whose personality is a good fit with your corporate culture.

  • Candidate recommendation

    If all aspects of the combination are a good match, we send you brief freelancer profiles tailored to your project. We let you know which candidate we would recommend. Once you’re happy with that stage, we agree next steps of the process and fix dates for interviews.

  • Interviews

    We schedule the meetings and provide support throughout the entire interview process. That includes moderating the discussions and facilitating the decision making.

  • Contract negotiation

    As soon as the decision is made to select one or more freelancers, we’ll look after all the necessary details so you receive the project contracts within 24 hours.


  • Project support

    As your single point of contact, we’ll coordinate all the relevant details for the freelancer’s start date and ensure the whole process runs smoothly, throughout the entire project. That includes documentation, invoicing, and reminders of any upcoming project extensions.

As we mentioned, traditional headhunting is not our profession. We’re not looking for a quick-fix placement. Instead, we’re focused on making the right match for both sides –company and freelancer. To achieve this, it’s essential to know the customer and the candidates very well – and that takes time. We’re happy to take our time to build up and interlink a community that benefits everyone equally. With long-term connections that are valuable to both sides.

Your benefits with SSC? The best result. And the best experience.

You can trust us

because we understand the market and your requirements.

You’re more efficient and finish faster

because we respond to your needs with agility.

You have fast and straightforward access

to a highly-relevant freelancer network.

You have an edge

because we manage capacities proactively and share our knowledge.

You’ll sense our fairness,

in that we treat you like a true partner and act in a transparent way.

A variety of experts. Common values. Challenging projects.

Freelancers are important for the success of your projects – and not just because of their specialist skills and experience. They also stand out with their mix of flexibility, efficiency and innovation. Discover the other advantages they offer.

Specialist skills

They bring you skills, values and experience tailored to the position.

Flexible freedom

They’re versatile enough to cover peaks in demand without a long-term commitment.

Project quality

They offer highly specialised expertise for high-quality resolution of your most complex tasks.


SYou have fast and targeted access to a broad network of specialists.


Your situation is legally watertight and you’re protected against risks like bogus self-employment.

Cost predictability

You have no other fixed costs apart from the fee.

Our finger’s on the pulse of the life sciences industries.

Achieve scientific breakthroughs. Drive R&D for new solutions. Give people faster access to better health. Those are some of the challenges that life sciences companies aim to solve within their projects. And we’re on the same exciting path, supporting freelancers and companies with "connect for success".

Make medical solutions available that improve patients’ health and quality of life. That’s the mission and goal of your pharmaceutical projects. Whatever recruitment requirements you have for them, we facilitate access to the right specialists.

You’re working on the interface between biology and technology. Using enzymes, cells and organisms in technical applications. Creating medications, foodstuffs, cosmetics, detergents or raw materials. And we’re on hand to support your project with successful “matchmaking”.

Develop and produce products, devices and procedures to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. That’s what medical technology projects focus on. And what we focus on is providing you with the capabilities and experience of first-class freelance specialists.

Detect illnesses, identify harmful substances, make foodstuffs safer – diagnostics projects are a huge field and range from customer-oriented workflow solutions to diagnostic applications. Where we come in: quickly find and engage the right specialists for the success of your project.

What we like doing best? Sharing with you.

Still have questions? The information in our skillsheet about pharma and biotech should answer them for you. If anything’s left open, feel free to get in touch. We’re always available to help you with answers to questions or more information.

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